Full. Glass. Livin. Caps.

Shell: 100% Cotton

Lining: 100% Nylon

Design: 100% Love

Leather Strap


Inspired by the feeling of a  blue-sky-sunshiney day. When we tune into nature, we tune into the feeling of possibility. We tune into the feeling of love, and light and warmth. We tune into presence. We notice, observe, explore. A grateful ease comes over us, and we can tap into our own inner power. 


Every day is not a perfect blue-sky-sunshine day, but that same feeling can be an every day occurence with the power of mindset. By maintaining presence in our lives, we can find the beauty in the ordinary, and live our lives moment to moment.... FULL GLASS LIVIN'. **


**Disclaimer: the hats don't have magic powers but YOU do ;) **


Sunshine Cap