Love Rocks

At this point, I shouldn’t be surprised by the beauty of the human race. I shouldn’t be surprised at the love people bring to the world each day. I shouldn’t be surprised how moved I am by a stranger’s story. But then, life happens, I meet an incredible person, and again become emotional, grateful, and absolutely held by the universe.

Time and time again the universe proves: What we think, becomes who we are. Who we are, becomes what we attract. And what we attract contributes serious love, joy, and light to the fulfillment of our lives. Along with baking, I am am a server once or twice a week at a local restaurant. After working there a few months, I have honestly grown to love serving, because of the amazing people I work with, AND the amazing people I get to wait on.

Last night, my vibes were high, and the universe knew it. I was able to serve a beautiful family. Two girls, a Mom, and a grand-mom. They were on vacation from New Jersey. From the very start, their family reminded me of my family. The two girls were teenagers — probably about 2 years apart — just like me and my sister. The mom was caring, beautiful, & loved her wine… just like my mom. & the grand-mom was thoughtful and kind… just like my Nana was. I watched how their “Mimi” interacted with the teens, and was a little emotional from the beginning. She was so engaged with them, she was so present. I was jealous in a way, because when I was a late teen, my Nana was showing serious signs of Alzheimer’s, and unfortunately I missed that presence deep into my adolescence. At that point, my Nana was slowly forgetting who she was, and, who we were — she was still loving throughout her disease — but it was just different.

I had a lovely time throughout their dinner, and by the end we were sharing intimate details of our lives. At some points, even shedding some tears. Somehow, there was a space for this vulnerability.

This is something I’ve realized only recently about humans. We are beings that crave vulnerability and intimacy, but are so often in environments that are not conducive to opening up. That is, because we believe they are. We believe we are supposed to act certain ways, well, until we feel have the space to feel vulnerable. And I’ve realized, if we make space for vulnerability, that space can happen anywhere.

Have you ever picked up a hermit crab from a tidepool? When exposed to the new environment — the air — it’s stuck so far inside its shell. But have you tried humming? The vibrations mimic the sea, and the hermit crab slowly comes out of its shell. In the right conditions, the crab feels at home enough to reveal itself to the outside world. Humans are the same. For so long, I was so crammed up into my shell, afraid of the vulnerability of the outside world. But, with the right conditions, with genuine curiosity and love, humans are able to reveal themselves, just like hermit crabs.

So last night, this is what happened. We were a couple of hermit crabs who made space for one another to feel comfortable. And at the end of the meal, I felt a true connection with these strangers, and they did with me. By the end of the meal, the grand-mom shared her story of love for her son who had passed. She spoke of how she created these ‘love rocks’ and shared them with the world. Each rock had a special message. It was her way of spreading love and light to the world, in honor of her son.

As the family left, I was given 4 love rocks. And in this small gesture, I felt so loved.

I decided to give away 3 rocks and keep 1 love rock as a keepsake for our short time together. I hoped that by giving a few away I could spread some love too.

Let this story be reminder that love has no bounds. Love is vast and fluid and expansive. Love can be anything for anyone. Love can be transferred through anything and can happen at any time.

And, let this be a reminder that love, quite literally, rocks.