the full story

about 'full glass'

the name is inspired by the 'glass half-empty/glass half-full' conundrum.

when I first thought of this life philosophy (around 5 years ago) Full Glass was me grasping at any/all happiness I was missing from my life. During that time, 'full glass' meant optimism, & seeing the good in a negative situation. After recognizing that we can't be happy ALL the time, 'full glass' evolved into finding perspective... seeing the world from a new angle. After a year of running my own business, I see Full Glass Livin' as acceptance. Acceptance of all that life throws at us, and finding equanimity in it. Full Glass is still sipping the full glass of life, being present in that moment, whether you're dealing with the pain & heartbreak, or the love & joy.



On this wonderful planet, everything is constantly changing. During my short time here, I've realized many people don't enjoy change... it's uncomfortable & scary... change is stepping into the unknown for goodness sake! At Full Glass we want to embrace the changes, because they are bound to happen. 

The full story of Full Glass is still in progress, & I hope you can support us as we learn & grow & evolve. But, at the end of the day, one aspect of our vision stays constant:

Full Glass aims to spread joy.


My name's Tori (Victoria), I'm the woman behind the cookies, the blog posts, the instagram. I started this company through a love of baking, as it took me out of my head & into my body. I find the same feeling with my yoga practice, my writing, and when connecting with the people I love. 

I hope to spread some joy while I'm here on this Earth, and will use Full Glass is a platform to accomplish this. Thank you supporting me here on this journey. Grateful for you. 

Cheers to a Full Glass.

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