what's "full glass livin'?!"

We’ve all heard the ‘glass half full vs half empty’ debate -- one being the optimist, one the pessimist.  This company is based on the expression, but ‘livin’ full glass’ is more than that.


It’s about being compassionate towards others & embracing a new perspective. Life’s hard! Livin’ "full glass" is finding peace everyday. Finding peace in the struggle, the heartbreak & the joy. Finding equanimity in those moments of pain or struggle to come up on the other side a little better.


This is hard to do consistently; we’re a work in progress too. But the journey is part of the goal.

So why cookies?? Well. Food connects. Food inspires. It's a way of bringing everyone together, a way of finding a place at a table to communicate. So grab a glass of milk, warm up those Full Glass baked goods, and have a conversation. Take a breath from the day. Share a moment with your friends and family. Enjoy.

We are so grateful you're here, & hope we can bring you joy in some way. Reach out for questions, concerns, & comments!

Full Glass Baking

meet the founder

victoria spofford


Victoria is a family-oriented chocoholic from the Merrimack Valley.  In July 2020, Tori created Full Glass Baking, LLC, a small batch baking company dedicated to inspiring unity, connection & joy while delivering delicious baked goods.