why 'full-glass'?

We’ve all heard the ‘glass half full vs half empty’ debate -- one being the optimist, one the pessimist.


Full Glass Baking is based on this expression, but ‘livin’ full glass’ is more than that. It’s about being compassionate towards others & embracing a new perspective. Life’s hard! Livin’ "full glass" is finding peace everyday. Finding peace in the struggle, the heartbreak & the joy. 


This is hard to do consistently; we’re a work in progress too. But the journey is part of the goal.

Our cookies are more than just delicious. They’re a way of bringing everyone together. So grab a glass of milk, warm up those Full Glass baked goods, and have a conversation. Take a breath from the day. Share a moment with your friends and family. Enjoy.

So here we are. Full-Glass-Livin. A place for full hearts, and full bellies.

what's the good!?


"the good!" is the service aspect of Full Glass Livin. There's something even better than baking... helping others.  At Full Glass Livin, we feel this immense sense of purpose when we're teaching, coaching, or helping others. We believe that as humans, we're meant to serve.


We believe in baking good & doing good. We'll keep you updated with our latest acts of service!

We are so grateful you're here, & hope we can bring you joy in some way. Reach out for questions & comments!

About: Full Glass Baking

Our mission is pretty simple:

bake good & do good. 

meet the founder

victoria spofford

she get's excited about new cookie recipes 


Victoria is a family-oriented chocoholic from the Merrimack Valley. After turning to baking for years as stress relief, she decided to turn it into her occupation too. In July 2020, Tori created Full Glass Baking, LLC, a small batch baking company dedicated to delivering delicious baked goods, and spreading some good through service projects. 

Full Glass Baking

Merrimac, MA  |  Amesbury, MA

we're a local baking business!

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