So it's all vegan & gluten-free?

Yes, all cookies use gluten-free & vegan ingredients (but are also super indulgent.) We, however, bake in small batches out of a shared commercial kitchen space. Although we sanitize before & after, the space processes other allergens, like dairy, gluten, eggs, soy, etc. Depending on how serious your allergy is, use precautions.



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livin' full glass.

Livin' full glass is acceptance of the totality of life... the pain, the struggle, the joy, the mundane.

It's finding equanimity in the wholeness of it all. Life is joyous, and difficult, and boring, but... life is always beautiful. 

Full Glass Livin' is understanding that sometimes life's glass will be full of milk with a warm cookie waiting, & other times life's glass will be empty & with crumbs at the bottom. It's realizing that it's alright & honestly, part of process.

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