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Nunda, New York

Nut Butters

Carlson Orchards, MA


Milwaukie, Oregon

Flours & Flax-seed

Burlingame, California


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"you got me eating cookies before 10AM"

-Marina, Boston, MA

how it works


Shop your favorite baked goods, any day of the week.

Baked Fresh.

To ensure freshness, we bake once a week, & bake & ship orders the same day.


It'll be 5-10 business days depending on when you order & your location. We use our own drivers if close-by.

livin' full glass.

Seeing a "glass half full," rather than "half empty" is seeing the positivity in challenging situations.

Living 'Full Glass' is taking it to the next level. 

It's being compassionate and embracing a new perspective. It's finding peace in your everyday.


This is hard to do consistently; the journey is part of the goal.

Have a cookie & enjoy. It's all good.

Full Glass Baking

Merrimac, MA  |  Amesbury, MA

we're a local baking business!

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